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Capstone project in Udacity’s nanodegree


In this project, a Starbucks data set is given which contains simulated data from Starbucks rewards mobile app. This data shows customer behavior on how they respond to offers. Offers can be an actual offer like BOGO ( buy one get one free ) or just an advertisement.

Lets understand the dataset”

We have three json files:

  1. portfolio:
  • id (string) — offer id
  • offer_type (string) — the type of offer ie BOGO, discount, informational
  • difficulty (int) —…

Logo — Credits Airbnb

Airbnb has collected good amount of data about different properties and their prices.

These data if effectively used, can give us lots of insights about the hosts and buyers and we can predict the future property prices as well.

In this story I will be analyzing the Airbnb data of Boston and Seattle and we will compare various features and also predict the house prices by using simple linear regression model.

We will try to find answers for below three questions

  1. Property price comparison between the regions.
  2. Trend in price over period of time
  3. Various features that affect the price…


Data science enthusiast, Qlik Architect.

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